Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just for the record.....

I am going back to blonde. I gave it a try and I have to admit I like the "lower" maintenance of being a brunette, but I feel like a blonde, even if I'm a fake one. So now the transition begins.

New Photos

Nathan and some of his Easter loot.
Easter morning. Sarah with her pooping Easter bunny. If you'll notice behind her the "Easter Bunny" is a little out of control, that doesn't even include all the eggs. Talk about a sugar overload.
Sarah and her cousing Patrick on Easter Sunday.
Nathan always carries this duster around. I only hope he's this cooperative when he's actually old enough to do the dusting.
Sarah's fav birthday gift is Aunt Jen, she's come for the past 2 or so years for her b-day. It's a fun tradition, I hope you keep it up Jen :-). Sarah is sporting her "Fancy Dancy" (as she says it) dress and headband from Grandma Ward. Jen's reading one of our childhood favorites "The Pokey Little Puppy". You'll notice from the following photos Sarah's birthday went on for a week or so.

Sarah got an American girl doll Bitty baby from Aunt Kathy. She loves this doll, she named her Daisy. I can't wait to take Sarah and Daisy to the "big city" aka Chicago to the American Girl Doll store to do some shopping.
Testing our her new Rainbow Bright big girl bike.
The morning of Sarah's actual birthday I made her coffee cake for breakfast. We were in a hurry to celebrate before Kevin went to work and Sarah to preschool. I stuck the candles in right after pulling the coffee cake from the oven...big mistake...melted candle wax in breakfast...so we just ate around it.
JoJo and Jamie visiting Sarah for her 4th b-day. We spent the day at Kohl Children's Museum...hence the painted face.

This was her 3rd birthday cake, so I just bought it, which was a mistake cause it was nasty. Oh well, she just eats the frosting anyway.
Sarah had a birthday/pinata party for her 4th birthday. The pinata was a big rainbow, she picked it out herself.

Sarah showing off her loot from her birthday/pinata party.
Ummm....does this really need an explanation....she found my lipstick....what a beauty!!!
Sarah is ready for "Purple" day at school.

Kevin and Sarah won 1st place at the family Pinewood Derby. The Derby started at 5:00 p.m. at 5:30 p.m. Kevin was hammering on the wheels (with a screwdriver). Sarah colored and and added foam stickers on the way to the church. Notice the sleek aerodynamic design and its custom paint job. Needless to say Kevin was in heaven and many dad's who spent hours designing their cars were baffled.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures of the Family and other stuff

I love this picture of Sarah and her banana face.
Nathan LOVED his cake!!

Nathan's first Birthday

Jamie, Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo Jo.

Nate loved his little truck from Grandma and Grandpa Ward. They brought it all the way from in Utah, stuffed in their suitcase.

Nathan with his presents on his first birthday.

Nate building with Grandpa Ward.
Tub time

Sarah is showing off the baby in her tummy.

My new hair color.

Sarah and Nathan riding a ride at Chuckee Cheese.

I love this close-up of Nathan's face.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rupunzel, Rupenzel, let down your hair and one cute little lion

Sarah was Rupunzel this year, she had previously worn this costume to her preschool party (which yes, I did forget my camera so no pictures of that) so on Halloween I was going to get her dressed and she informed me she wanted to be something else because she had already dressed up as Rupunzel.....well little missy if you want to go trick or treating you will put on that costume. She at least had to wear it twice to get our money's worth (not that it was expensive, but still). And really by the time I bundled her up you couldn't really tell what she was anyway, but I knew she was Rupunzel and that's what mattered right??

These are her friends she trick or treated with. Emma, Lily and Abby. Someday Sarah will be mortified at how bundled I had her dressed, but really I hate to be cold and she's my flesh and blood so naturally I'm sure she hates it too, but it was rather chilly outside.
Halloween was a success we had a fun little dinner after trick or treating with our friends Kim and Jared, she served mummy dogs and snake pizza...very fun and spooky. Halloween was a big success, it's such a fun holiday. I think Sarah and Nathan looked darling. I even helped Sarah separate her candy into same and like piles, Jen and I would always do this after our trick-or-treating adventures. I still love the smell of all that candy together and I still love candy, unfortunately that has not faded with age.


We carved this pumpkin near the beginning of October (knowing it wouldn't last until Halloween), but it lasted even less, as the squirrels had there way with it. Sarah was very distraught about this, but we later painted one and left it whole, it's a little harder for the squirrels to gnaw away at.

Fall leaves and rainy days

Sarah loves to play in the rain. When our front ditch fills up she likes to splash around in it, it had been raining for several days. She had to stay on the left side of the driveway to splash around, I actually think she could have gone swimming on the right side...way too much rain. But the good news is our basement is dry!!
She also loves to play in the leaves each Fall. It was hard to find a day that wasn't raining and if it wasn't raining the leaves were way too wet to play in. We lucked out and had a day that didn't rain and the leaves were only slightly wet, she had a great time. We have this beautiful tree in our backyard. I'm embarrased to say this is the first year I've noticed it. I love the shape of the tree and the gorgeous color of the leaves. Sarah picked a whole bucket of leaves from this tree and we later laminated them in a "Fall leaf collection" it's hanging on our wall. I like hanging Sarah's creations on the kitchen wall it's fun for all of us to enjoy.