Tuesday, February 24, 2009

23 Days and counting!!!!!

March 19th cannot get here soon enough...these are the final days with this belly. Sarah keeps asking if the baby is here yet. When she wants to talk to him or show him something she does so through my belly button, she thinks it's his little peep hole.

We visited St. Charles, a Louis and Clark historial sight along the Missouri river. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. We all relished the warm weather

St. Louis

A couple of weekends ago we road tripped to St. Louis. We went with Kevin's oldest brother Bob and some of his family. We went to watch Bob's youngest son, also Kevin, play basketball (his team won!!!) This was the view from our hotel room. Sarah was thrilled to be staying at a hotel, she explored the entire place. Her favorite was the pool and being able to sleepover. She loved playing with her cousins, Bobby, Caitlyn, Meghan and her Aunt Teri. Thanks to the DVD player in the car and DVD movies from the library she was a perfect traveler.