Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent pictures

Nathan's first taste of cereal, his favorite is barley
Hanging from the slide the day of her haircut, she loved it.
She was so excited to get a short haircut

Oops, did this twice

Nathan a little confused as to why
he's squeezed into something called a Bumbo

Nathan chillin' in the Bumbo
Sarah riding the tricycle, which she is outgrowing quickly

Sarah showing off her new "do"

Nathan found his toes

Sarah trying out the Bumbo

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Utah vacation contined...I seriously need a blogging tutor, I mess up every time..

I love this picture of Sarah.

Sarah was so proud of herself putting a bow in Nathan's hair, sorry buddy, it won't happen again.

This is where Grandma Ward taught Sarah that it's ok to pee on the grass because there's no bathroom (which she did at least 10 times during the swim). She thought this was great, except she didn't like sitting on the grass so she straddled and let if flow. Now anytime we go anywhere I tell her to use the bathroom so she won't have to go when we get to where we're going and she tells me "it's ok mommy, I can just go on the grass..." thanks mom. (The pool owner will remain anonamous, but please enjoy your fertilized grass)

We met Jen for lunch (she's taking the pic). A beautiful day in SLC, just outside the church office building.

Sarah's making her most favorite funny face....Spens what a stud.

Spens and Sarah at Gateway playing on the splash pad...well sort of Sarah's not a big fan of getting splashed, Spens had to help out.

A day at Hogle Zoo. Me, Sarah, her "noculars" and the Giraffes.

Three generations, a traditional Kaysville parade photo.

For any of you who know Mel Ward (aka my dad) this really needs no explanation. Enjoying the Kaysville parade under a little shade.

I actually do have more recent photos, but my computer is acting funny and it's not allowing me to access them. So when it stops being difficult I'll download more. Nathan is now eating cereal, rolling over and drooling a ton (who knows by the time I get those pics downloaded he may be walking) and Sarah has a darling new haircut, so stay tuned.

Annual Utah vacation

I love getting together with my old friends, we have some great laughs together. Stacie, Cherilyn, Erin and me. Sorry Kelli and Karin couldn't make it to dinner, but we had a fun park day with the kids.