Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rupunzel, Rupenzel, let down your hair and one cute little lion

Sarah was Rupunzel this year, she had previously worn this costume to her preschool party (which yes, I did forget my camera so no pictures of that) so on Halloween I was going to get her dressed and she informed me she wanted to be something else because she had already dressed up as Rupunzel.....well little missy if you want to go trick or treating you will put on that costume. She at least had to wear it twice to get our money's worth (not that it was expensive, but still). And really by the time I bundled her up you couldn't really tell what she was anyway, but I knew she was Rupunzel and that's what mattered right??

These are her friends she trick or treated with. Emma, Lily and Abby. Someday Sarah will be mortified at how bundled I had her dressed, but really I hate to be cold and she's my flesh and blood so naturally I'm sure she hates it too, but it was rather chilly outside.
Halloween was a success we had a fun little dinner after trick or treating with our friends Kim and Jared, she served mummy dogs and snake pizza...very fun and spooky. Halloween was a big success, it's such a fun holiday. I think Sarah and Nathan looked darling. I even helped Sarah separate her candy into same and like piles, Jen and I would always do this after our trick-or-treating adventures. I still love the smell of all that candy together and I still love candy, unfortunately that has not faded with age.


  1. Sarah looks very cute as Rapunzel and I love the smiley pictures of Nathan - grrrrr.

    When Spenser came over tonight I was searching through his candy and I wanted to dump it out and separate it. It's so funny you blogged about us doing that because I was thinking of that just a couple hours ago. mmmmmmmmm smells good.

  2. Kris I know exactly how you feel. I was always putting more clothes on Spens then he needed. I still nag him about a hoodie and gloves and hat. He hates it. But, Like you I am always cold. You can never be to hot, but you will always be to cold. Thats what I think.

    I went to get Spens from Shapiro's and all 7 kides had their bags dumped into the living room and seperated. I think it is an instinct that kids have.

    Very cute photos, Spens and I had a great laugh over Sarah's poop family.

  3. We divided up Matthew's candy too just like when I was little too.